Nathaniel Jones

77 Massachusetts Ave
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Cambridge, MA 02139

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Nathaniel Jones recently defended his PhD thesis in the Building Technology program at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, where he studies daylighting, visual comfort, and building- and urban-scale energy simulation in the Sustainable Design Lab with Christoph Reinhart. He is also the developer of Accelerad, a suite of GPU-based lighting and daylighting simulation tools used by architects, engineers, and educators around the world.

Nathaniel is active in the building science community and serves as chair of the International Building Performance Simulation Association-USA chapterís subcommittee on emerging simulation technologies. He is the author of multiple journal and conference papers related to building energy and daylighting simulation, and he has regularly been an invited speaker on the application of parallel computation to building simulation. His research interests include:

Previously, Nathaniel was a research associate at Cornell University, where he earned his Master of Architecture degree in 2009. His thesis on optimization of building envelopes for environmental conditions was carried out under the direction of his advisors Kevin Pratt and Don Greenberg. His subsequent work in the Program of Computer Graphics was aimed to provide architects with feedback on the energy efficiency of buildings during conceptual and schematic design.

Nathaniel earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Civil Engineering from Johns Hopkins University in 2005, where he conducted research with Amy Rechenmacher.

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